X Video, Audio Calling: Audio-video calling feature on X rolled out for free users, this is how to enable it..


The audio and video calling feature has started rolling out to all users on X. Earlier this facility was being rolled out only for premium users. Now users on X will be able to make audio and video calls like WhatsApp. Let us know about this feature and how to enable it.


Linda Yaccarino gave information
X CEO Linda Yaccarino has given information about this update by sharing a post. This feature is gradually being rolled out for non-premium users. Users can also choose to receive calls from anyone on the platform. Two-factor authentication is also present on the platform. No mobile number is required to call X.

Users will get this facility
The X Premium service allows users to edit posts, upload longer videos, verify badges, and more. With the arrival of the new feature, users can talk through audio and video calls for free.


Enable the feature like this
     Open your smartphone X and click on the direct message icon.
     After this, you have to tap on the settings icon. Here the option to enable audio and video calling will appear.
     Click on this toggle to turn it on. After doing this you will be able to make audio-video calls with anyone.
     Apart from this, many other options will also be visible here which you can select as per your choice.

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