Wrinkles around the eyes tell age, these 5 habits increase it, are you also doing these mistakes?


Wrinkles soon appear on the skin around the eyes. Also called fine lines. These wrinkles tell the true age of most people. If you want people to remain confused about age even at the age of forty, then take special care of the skin around the eyes. Many women often repeat these five types of mistakes. Due to which these fine lines start appearing on the face soon. So let's know what are the mistakes that are involved in the habit of women.

If you have crossed the age of forty then start using under-eye cream. Many people think that what is the need of this cream. But if you want to keep the skin young forever, then definitely apply eye cream. Actually, the skin around the eyes is very soft. Which starts losing moisture prematurely. Under-eye cream works to protect the skin by coating it with moisture.


don't scrub
If you scrub on the face, then keep in mind that do not forget to apply it to the area around the eyes. At the same time, do not rub the makeup remover on the area around the eyes. Removing makeup by rubbing breaks the capillary of the skin here. Due to which the skin there becomes loose.


Use under eye cream properly
Many people apply eye creams but do not know the right way to apply them. For the soft skin around the eyes, take the cream and spread it from the inside out. At the same time, avoid rubbing too much cream on the skin here.

Many times women use cheap concealer to save money. These concealers get deposited on the skin around the eyes and damage the skin.