World Sleep Day: Do not eat these 4 things before sleeping, otherwise you will not be able to sleep quickly at night


Food Avoid Before Sleep: Getting good sleep is very important for our health. Because it works to keep us active throughout the day and is also helpful in removing many health problems. Many problems arise due to lack of sleep, including headaches and heart disease etc. Many people feel the problem of not sleeping at night. They try a million times, but still, they can't sleep quickly. Do you know that the food you eat at night can affect your sleep? Yes, you are listening, right? If you do not choose the right food at night, then your sleep will be interrupted. Let us know which things should be avoided before sleeping.


Do not eat these things before sleeping
1. Tomato: You should always try to avoid consuming tomatoes before sleeping, as they can disturb your sleep. It contains tyramine, which is an amino acid. Tyramine stimulates brain activity and prevents you from feeling sleepy. Tomatoes are acetic. Consuming them just before sleeping can cause indigestion and acidity. This is the reason why you should avoid eating sour foods like tomatoes, and oranges before sleeping.

2. White Bread: White bread contains a lot of refined carbohydrates. It also has a high glycemic index. Research has shown that white bread acts as a hindrance to sleep. While food items with high glycemic index increase the level of blood sugar rapidly. It also affects your sleeping capacity. It can also cause swelling problems, which can disturb your sleep pattern.

3. Spicy Food: Avoid consuming spicy food before sleeping. Because eating spicy food can increase the body temperature, which can affect sleep. Certain spicy foods can cause acid reflux and other stomach problems. This can also lead to indigestion, which badly affects sleep. That's why junk food or processed food should always be avoided before sleeping. Such food items are not good for your stomach and also create an imbalance in the pH level.


4. Ice cream: You should avoid eating ice cream after dinner. The amount of fat and sugar in ice cream is high. Both these things disturb your sleep. It is believed that eating too much fat food does not make you sleep quickly. Because your body needs more time to digest it properly.