World Sleep Day 2023: Due to these reasons sleep goes away, know how to sleep peacefully..


World Sleep Day 2023: Good sleep is very important to stay healthy. Healthy food is not only necessary for a good lifestyle, but adequate sleep is also needed. Sleep is very important to stay healthy. Therefore, to emphasize the importance of sleep and to address common sleep-related problems, every year the third Friday of March is celebrated as Sleep Day.


These days many people are suffering from sleep-related problems. In such a situation, on the occasion of Sleep Day, today we will talk about those reasons, why people do not get sleep. Along with this, you will know about those methods, with the help of which you will be able to sleep peacefully. We spoke to Dr. Dinika Anand, Clinical Psychologist, BLK-Max Superspeciality Hospital, to know the reason behind sleeplessness.

Good sleep is important for staying healthy
In this regard, Dr. Dinika said that good sleep is the key to a healthy life, but these days many people are suffering from sleep problems and these problems related to sleep are increasing continuously. The importance of sleep is also very different for different people. To a person suffering from depression, sleep reminds him of his inadequacy and inefficiency. At the same time, being emotionally overwhelmed makes it difficult to sleep comfortably. In such a situation, fatigue is felt the next day, which affects the work.

Due to lack of sleep
Talking about the reasons for sleeplessness, Dr. Dinika says that these days due to deteriorating lifestyles people are becoming victims of sleep-related problems. Apart from this, there are some other habits as well, due to which people are continuously becoming victims of sleep-related problems, some of which are as follows-

bad diet
wrong time to eat
alcohol and smoking habits
Using digital devices while sleeping
late night heavy eating etc.

Follow these tips for good sleep
According to experts, every process that goes on throughout the day has a direct impact on our sleep. We can get good sleep only by taking care of our diet, exercise routine, physical health, and mental well-being. Apart from this, you can get good sleep by adopting these tips.

Make it a habit to wake up at a fixed time, so that you can sleep on time at night.

Also avoid using the phone while sleeping, as the screen light affects sleep.

Fix the time for meals and also avoid having heavy meals before sleeping.

Minimize intake of coffee, alcohol, and smoking.

Keep yourself physically active during the day, so that due to fatigue, you can sleep at night.