World Sight Day: The problem of dry eyes is increasing among the youth, know its causes and methods of prevention

dry eyes

In recent years, due to the increased use of smartphones and computers, people are being diagnosed with a variety of serious eye problems. Dry eyes are one such problem, of which people of the younger age group are becoming more victims. According to health experts, till a decade or two ago, the problem of dry eyes was considered to be a problem with age, however, due to the increasing trend of many things harmful to the eyes, now even very young children are found to be suffering from this problem. are going.

dry eyes

Dry eyes are a condition in which the eyes do not get enough moisture from the tears. The risk of this increases due to not producing enough tears in the eyes or due to poor quality tears. Due to dry eyes, discomfort is felt and the problem of stinging and burning in the eyes persists. Tears also protect the surface of our eyes from infection. Lack of enough tears can increase the risk of eye infections. Let us know in detail about this serious problem in the next slides.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes
Senior ophthalmologist Dr. Kamal B. Kapoor explains that the way the problems related to the lifestyle are increasing due to the problems of the eyes, in such a way people of all ages must get their eyes examined at least once a year. The problem of dry eyes is becoming quite common among the youth, many types of symptoms can be experienced in this problem, which needs to be identified and treated on time.

dry eyes

Stinging, burning, or scratching feeling in the eyes.
sensitivity to light.
Redness of eyes often.
Difficulty wearing contact lenses.
Difficulty driving at night.
Watery eyes, a reaction caused by irritation.
To appear blurry

Why does dryness occur in the eyes?
Dr. Kamal explains dry eyes can be caused by a variety of problems that affect the production of tears. The tear film has three layers: fatty oil, aqueous fluid, and mucus. This combination is generally helpful in keeping the surface of your eyes smooth and clean. Problems with any of these layers can cause dryness in the eyes.

Tear production can be affected in a number of conditions. With age, this problem has been considered common. Apart from this, this problem may increase after the use of contact lenses, neurological problems, or laser eye surgery. This problem has also increased due to smoking or excessive use of smartphones and computers.

How are dry eyes treated?
Dr. Kamal explains, to diagnose the problem of dry eyes, eyes and tears are tested. If the condition is normal then some eyedrops and medicines can reduce its symptoms. The patient needs to take special care of some things like - avoidance of dust and pollution, not using the phone too much and some exercises for the eyes, etc. A healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet are very important to cure dry eyes.

How to get rid of the dry eyes problem?
Dr. Kamal explains, by taking some special precautions, the problem of dry eyes can be avoided. For this, green vegetables, the vitamin-A diet must be included in the diet. This problem can also be prevented by taking measures to protect the eyes while playing, wearing sunglasses, protecting against germs, and reducing screen time. Avoid pointing the hairdryer, car heater, air conditioner, or fan directly at you. Most importantly, smoking can increase this problem, so stay away from it.

Note: This article has been prepared based on suggestions from Dr. Kamal B. Kapoor (Medical Director, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals).