World Kidney Day 2023: These 4 habits can cause kidney failure, repent from today itself


Kidney Damage Risk: In the present era, kidney diseases have increased more than ever before. If our kidneys get damaged, then the filtering process of the body gets affected due to which the toxins are not able to come out. In such a situation, the risk of many other diseases increases. It is necessary for every human being to take care of the health of his kidney, if he does not do this then he may have to lose his life. Let us know what are those bad habits due to which the kidney gets severely damaged.


1. Don't smoke
Smoking things like cigarettes, hookah, bidi and ganja is harmful to the overall health of the body, it also harms our kidneys a lot because it puts pressure on the kidney. Due to smoking, blood veins are affected, which affects the circulation of blood, which ultimately damages the kidney.

2. Exclude unhealthy foods from the diet
The biggest impact on kidney health is due to our food habits, so choosing the same diet which is beneficial for the kidneys. Eating unhealthy food continuously can cause kidney damage. You should immediately exclude processed food and sodium-rich food from your diet list.

3. Quit Laziness
If you are lazy, then you are harming your kidney somewhere. You need to do exercise or physical activities daily. Due to this, weight contours will remain and due to the management of blood pressure, the kidneys will also remain healthy.


4. Drink Enough Water
Drinking water is very important to keep the kidney healthy, only then the filtering process will be done properly. Dehydration can cause the bad condition of the kidney. Most health experts recommend drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.