World Kidney Day 2023: Do not eat all these things if you have a kidney stone, which can increase your problem...


World Kidney Day 2023: Kidney stone ie kidney stone pain is very severe and mostly this pain arises after eating certain things. Stones can be of any size, big or small. Where small stones come out during the toilet, large stones have to be removed only after surgery. So to avoid the pain and discomfort of kidney stones, you need to pay special attention to food. So today we will know about such food items which should be avoided by kidney stone patients.


Cause of kidney stone
The work of the kidney is to purify the blood, but due to the excessive amount of calcium, potassium, and minerals in the diet, the kidney is not able to do its work properly. The waste materials are not able to come out of the body. Those who get together gradually become stones.

Vegetables and fruits with seeds
Experts advise kidney stone patients to first exclude fruits and vegetables with fine seeds from their diet. Do not eat things like brinjal, cucumber, cucumber, and guava as they can cause pain.

The pain of kidney stones is very severe, so if you do not want to bear it, then consuming spinach will also have to be avoided. The oxalate present in it accumulates calcium and it cannot come out through urine.

Citrus Fruits and Calcium Rich Foods
Cut out citrus fruits, such as orange, lemon, and amla with urad dal, soybean, parsley, chikoo, spinach, whole grains, and chocolate, from your diet completely. Which can help increase the size of the stone.

Kidney stone patients should also avoid the consumption of tomatoes. Tomatoes contain a significant amount of oxalate. So it would be better not to eat it and if you want to eat it, take out its seeds and eat it.

Cold drinks
Avoid drinking cold drinks if you have kidney stones, as they contain slightly more phosphoric acid, which can increase pain and discomfort.


High salt foods
Salt intake should also be reduced in the problem of kidney stones. This is because they contain a high amount of sodium which can further increase the risk of kidney stones. So along with taking less salt in food, stay away from fast, processed and packaged foods.