World: Important Role of Nurses in the Health Sector!


Important Role of Nurses in the Health Sector: Today International Nurses Day is being celebrated across the country. The role of nurses is very important in the healthcare sector. The life of these people is quite challenging. Many times nurses have to forget their sleep and food and remain on the job. Today, on the occasion of Nurses Day, we will learn from real-life nurses about their jobs and work and what challenges they have to face.


Medical Director of Fortis Hospital, Dr. Shanu Sharma, and Chief Nursing Officer Captain Neelam Deshwal said that nursing is often recognized as an emerging profession. There are an estimated more than 29 million nurses worldwide. Nurses play an important role till the patient recovers from the disease and gets discharged from the hospital quickly. 

How is nursing different?

Nursing is a little different from other health-related jobs. Nurses can treat and care for many types of diseases. They not only help in curing sick people but also tell people how to stay healthy and work to prevent diseases. Additionally, nurses also play an important role in the care of people who are disabled or have physical or mental illnesses.

A profession full of danger:

Most nurses take care of sick people in hospitals. Hospital work requires a lot of physical effort. Additionally, nurses are also at greater risk of contracting infections or diseases due to exposure to bacteria, viruses, and dangerous drugs during work. To reduce this danger, it is very important to follow the rules of cleanliness and safety.

"Unsung Heroes of Humanity"

At the hospital, patients require round-the-clock care, so nurses often work in shifts to provide round-the-clock care. Many times nurses have to work night shifts, holidays, or even weekends. Due to this, they are not able to get enough sleep and sometimes due to working in shifts, they may also face problems related to sleep. For this reason, nurses are also called "Unsung Heroes of Humanity".