World Girl Child Day 2021: For what purpose, when and how this day started, know about it


World Girl Child Day 2021: On this day, a campaign is launched to make people aware by running special awareness programs on topics like the rights of the girl child and gender equality. So how and when did this day start, let's know about it.

For the past many years it has been seen that there is a need to create a special day and celebrate it enthusiastically to remove every issue/evil or evil of the society. International Girl Child Day is one of those episodes. Know about some special things related to this day.

History of International Day of the Child

Celebrating Girl Child Day globally was started as a project of 'Plan International', a non-governmental organization. This organization started a campaign called "Because I am a girl". After which the Canadian government was approached to take this campaign internationally. The Government of Canada introduced this resolution in the 55th General Assembly. The United Nations passed this resolution on 19 December 2011 and chose 11 October to celebrate this day. After which the first International Day of the Girl Child was celebrated on October 11, 2012. Since then it was celebrated every day every year. 

The Government of India has also implemented many schemes to empower the girl child, under which "Beti Bachao Aur Beti Padhao" is a notable scheme. Apart from this, the central and state government are also starting other important schemes. In India too, National Girl Child Day is celebrated every year on 24 January.

The objective of celebrating International Day of the Child

The purpose of celebrating International Girl Child Day is to make the girl child aware. For your rights, for your safety and equality. So that they can face all the challenges and difficulties that come.

What steps can be taken?

Legal studies must be taught as an essential subject in schools so that people learn to use them before reaching one level. Along with this, knowledge of right and wrong from childhood should be made mandatory for all boys and girls to give knowledge of self-defense and physical education so that girls do not have to depend on anyone for self-defense.

The theme of International Day of the Child 2021

This year this day is being celebrated with the theme Digital Generation. Our generation.