Work point: Wooden furniture needs special care, these tips can be helpful


Furniture is the identity of the house. They not only add to the beauty of the house but also increase your comfort. When people buy or get furniture made, the first thing they keep in mind is how durable it will be. This is the reason why even big brands sometimes give long warranties on the furniture. But have you thought that furniture, especially wooden furniture, apart from the warranty, also becomes durable because of how you maintain it? It does not give long service just by buying or getting good furniture made, it also requires the right care. Proper care of furniture not only increases its durability but also keeps away the tension of buying furniture again and again.


Let us know how to take care of wooden furniture?

How to take care of furniture?

By taking proper care of wooden furniture, its life can be increased. For this, you must keep these things in mind.

There are two types of furniture usually people buy. One to keep inside the house, the other to keep outside the house on the lawn, etc. Wood furniture can be found for both types of use. In such a situation, it needs to be taken care of according to the place being used.

The first precaution is attached to the surface of the wooden furniture. Surface damage can spoil the overall look of the furniture. Therefore, even after applying a table cloth or cover, use means like T-coasters to keep any cold and hot things.


By the way, it is best to keep in the garden or lawn, fiber, plastic or other such furniture which is not affected by the weather. Keeping wooden furniture in the open can be risky. But if you want wooden furniture according to outdoor, then nowadays such weather-resistant wooden furniture is available in the market, which is least affected by any weather. Despite this, this furniture also requires care.

For outdoor furniture, you can use furniture covers which can be very helpful especially in the rainy season. Apart from this, take special care about the cleanliness of this furniture. You can wipe them off by wetting a cloth in mild soapy liquid without detergent. Even though this wooden furniture can bear a little bit of weather, but if it is kept away from strong sunlight and rain, it will last a long time.

Always clean up bird beetles immediately as they will not only leave permanent marks on the furniture but will also damage the wood.

Is it important to keep these things in mind?
Wherever you buy or make outdoor furniture, ask them about the time in which to repeat its polish and exterior coating. It also prolongs the lifespan of the furniture.

Always keep things like polish, termite protection, and other small insect protection in mind for indoor furniture. Nowadays, many pest control chemicals and polishes are available in the market for these too, use them after taking the right advice.

Regularly clean the surface of the furniture as well as its inner corners. This will prevent the formation of webs or the accumulation of moisture. Wipe off the dust regularly with a light cotton cloth.

Wood furniture often gives off a damp smell as it gets older. To prevent this, you can use special fresheners in the corners of furniture or in drawers, cabinets, etc. This will also keep the insects away and the smell will not come. You can also sprinkle some amount of baking soda.

If the cabinets, drawers, rods, etc. installed in the furniture can come out freely, then take them out and clean them separately.

If there is a tapestry in the furniture, then definitely replace it for at least 2-3 years. Also, be sure to put a cover over the tapestry as well.