Wonderful: The world ends after this road, people do not go here alone even after forgetting


This question must have come in your mind at some point of time that where is the world ending or what is the end of the world? But hardly you will get the answer of this question. The end of the world is not known, but there is definitely a road which is considered to be the last road of the world. It is believed that the world ends after this road.


The name of this road is E-69. You have rarely heard of this road before. The E-69 road is considered to be the last road in the world. E-69 is a highway, which is about 14 kilometers long. You will be surprised to know that there are many such places on this highway, where it is forbidden to walk alone or even drive here. So let's know today about this road which is called the last road of the world...

This road is considered to be the last point of the world. You must have heard about the North Pole, which is the farthest northern point of the Earth. This is the point where the Earth's axis rotates. This is the end of Norway. The road leading from here is considered to be the last road in the world. Its name is E-69, which connects the ends of the earth and Norway. This is the road ahead of which there is no road. Only the snow is the ice and the sea is visible only.


Being the last road in the world, people want to go on it and see what the end of the world feels like. But going alone or driving here is prohibited. If you want to travel the last road in the world, then you have to go in a group, because due to snow being snow, people going here often forget the way. Apart from this, the cold is also very much, so no one goes alone on this 14 km long path.

Know more surprising things
The surprising thing about this place is that this road is near the North Pole, due to which it is night only during the winter season. At the same time, the sun never sets here in the summer season. Sometimes the sun is not visible here continuously for six months and night is night. That is, for about 6 months people live in the darkness of the night. The temperature here in summer is around zero degree Celsius, while in winter it goes down to -45 degrees.