Wonderful: 5 most dangerous forests of India, where you can die if you go


India is famous all over the world for its natural beauty in addition to its culture and civilization. There are many big forests in India. Because of this, India is called green and a beautiful country. Apart from this, there are also some dangerous forests in India where going is not free from danger. Let's know about these dangerous forests...


Sundarbans Forest, West Bengal

Sundarbans is considered to be the most dangerous forest in India. It is located in West Bengal. The Sundarbans is situated on the delta of the Ganges River. This forest is spread in about 10,000 square kilometers. This forest is known for the Royal Bengal Tiger in the world. Saltwater crocodiles are also found in large numbers here. In the Sundarbans' Delta, the most sacred rivers of India, rivers like Ganga, Brahmaputra, Padma, and Meghna meet in the sea. Sundarbans is a forest in both India and Bangladesh and the land here is marshy.

Gir Forest, Gujarat

The Gir forest is the second largest forest in India. Gir forest located in Gujarat is famous for Asiatic lions. This dangerous forest is 43 km northeast of Somnath and 60 km southeast of Junagadh. Of the 1,412 square kilometer Gir forest, the 258-kilometer square is fully protected and the 1,153-kilometer square is a wildlife sanctuary. Gir forest is the first forest in the world where Asiatic lions are found.


Khasi Hills Forest, Meghalaya

It is believed that it is the third-largest forest in India. It is a rain forest situated between the Khasi mountains in Meghalaya, India. Due to Cherrapunji being located in the south, this forest is drenched with rain every day of the year. Situated atop the Khasi mountains, this forest is at an altitude of about 1,978 meters. The forests located in Meghalaya are spread over a large area. Meghalaya is the first state in India where more than 75 percent of the total land there is surrounded by forests.

Namdapha Forest, Arunachal Pradesh

Namdapha is the fourth largest forest in India. Located in Arunachal Pradesh, this forest is spread over 1,985 square kilometers. Such animals are found in this forest located in the very cold region of India, which are not found anywhere else in India. Animals like red panda, red fox are found in these forests.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett is the fifth largest forest in India. This park was created in 1936 for the conservation of the extinct tiger. Jim Corbett, located in Nainital, Uttarakhand, occupies an area of ​​520 square kilometers. This forest is known for the Bengal Tiger. Jim Corbett National Park is said to be the oldest national park in India.