Women's Health: If there is always back pain, then your bra is not the reason, get rid of it like this


Some women or girls have constant back pain. Even after pregnancy, many women have a lot of back pain. Because of this, they have a lot of difficulty getting up and sitting and even sleeping. Many health experts believe that your bra can be the cause of back pain. According to health experts, most women suffer from back pain even after wearing the wrong size bra. There are 81 per cent of women do not know the correct size of their bra. Because of this, he has to face many serious physical problems. It may sound a bit strange to hear. But there is no doubt that wearing the wrong size bra can cause pain in any part of the body. Let us know what health issues can be caused by wearing the wrong bra size.


Pain in the neck
Neck pain can also start due to not wearing the right size bra. Due to this the problem of migraine and headaches can also start. The lower back and glutes can also get hurt.

Nipples and breast pain
Wearing a too tight bra causes pain in the breast skin and nipples. Because the breast and nipples are sensitive areas of tissue. Wearing a tight bra puts pressure on it.

Bad effect on breast skin
If you wear a too tight bra then it has a very bad effect on the skin. Because of this, there is a problem with breathing as well. If you feed milk to your child, it can also affect him.


How to avoid these problems of the body?
To avoid these problems, always wear a bra of the right size, not only this but once a year, set the size of your bra yourself. It has been seen many times that due to hormonal changes, the weight increases and decreases, and then the size of the breast also decreases. Do not wear a bra while sleeping at night even by mistake.