Women must save these numbers in their phones, know more!


pc: amarujala

The number of criminal incidents against women in the country is continuously increasing, which is becoming a matter of serious concern for asociety. Many times situations arise where women have to travel alone, and while there may be more safety during the day, there are also instances when women have to go out alone during the night. At such times, women often feel afraid about their safety. In recent years there have been frequent reports of incidents where women traveling alone have faced abusive behaviour.

In this connection, today we are sharing with you some important helpline numbers about which you should be aware. By calling these numbers you can ask for help in difficult times. 

Let's learn about these numbers in detail:

If women find themselves in distress, they can call the women's helpline number 1090 or 1091. Immediate assistance will be provided by calling this number. It is important to save this number on your mobile phone.

In cases of domestic violence against women, they can seek help by calling the helpline number 181 for domestic violence. This number should also be saved on your mobile phone for quick access.

For child helpline services, you can call 1098. If you need police assistance, you can call 112. Additionally, you should also save the National Human Rights Commission number, 14433, on your mobile phone.

These helpline numbers play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of women in challenging circumstances.