With the use of mayonnaise, get rid of the problem from damaged hair to dandruff instantly.


Mayonnaise with sandwiches and garlic bread is not always fun, but did you know that using this flavor-enhancing sauce can also improve the health and texture of your hair?

We often throw away the mayonnaise found with momos, burgers, and garlic bread after eating, but did you know that using it can fulfill your desire for healthy, long, and thick hair. Yes, this is such a cheap and effective recipe, whose results you will start seeing only after two to three uses. So, which hair-related problems are possible to treat with mayonnaise and how to use it, let's know about it.

1. Bye-bye to Dandruff

Mayonnaise contains vinegar which maintains the balance of pH level and oil production of the scalp so that the scalp does not become dry and when the scalp is not dry, the problem of dandruff will be solved in the same way.

2. Mayonnaise is the best conditioner

Mayonnaise acts as a great conditioner. It contains a significant amount of fat which makes hair shiny and silky.

3. Effective treatment of split hair

Lack of nutrients is the reason for having two hairs. So take a healthy diet for this as well as use a mayonnaise hair pack once a week. Due to which there will be no problem with split hair.

4. Helpful in making hair long and thick

Mayonnaise is made from eggs, vinegar, and oil. So when you use it as a hair pack, your hair gets the required amount of nutrition which is necessary for growth and mayonnaise also helps in hair growth and makes it thick.

5. Enhance Hair Shine

If there is no shine in the hair, then use mayonnaise to bring it. The oil and egg present in it nourish the damaged hair. Due to which they look healthy and shiny.

How often should it be used?

Use of mayonnaise in the hair once a week is enough.

Mode of use

  • Comb the hair thoroughly.
  • Divide it into small portions. Now apply mayonnaise from the scalp to the length of the hair.
  • Massage with light hands.
  • Keep it on for at least 20 minutes.
  • After that shampoo.