Winter Skin Care Tips: Get glowing skin in just 15 minutes, through these tips given by experts


Winter Skin Care: Tips Cold winds absorb both oil and moisture from the skin. In this case, the skin needs extra care. So let's know from the experts how to take proper care of your skin in this season which is necessary for every skin type.

In this season the skin has to face many problems. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of some things to keep them soft. According to Alana's beauty expert Rashi Bahel Mehra, to get beautiful and healthy skin, give yourself 15 minutes every morning after waking up. In this process, first take steam, after massaging the body, exfoliate it to remove dead skin cells, and then moisturize, which will give a natural glow to the skin.

Steam will enhance

Steaming is essential to get beautiful and soft skin. This opens the pores and clears the skin from within. For this, put lukewarm water in a vessel. Add two tablespoon rose petals and two tablespoon rosemary leaves to it. Now soak the towel in this water and squeeze it lightly. Then press it on the skin of your face by patting it lightly. Do this for about three minutes. Follow it twice a week.


After taking steam, it is necessary to massage for 5 minutes for good results. But keep in mind that massaging for a long time can cause problems like pain in the body. It is necessary to massage the skin for tightening. Massage regularly to maintain the beauty of the face.

Exfoliate is essential

If you want to avoid dry and lifeless skin, then it is necessary to exfoliate the skin. This brightens the complexion of the skin. The dead skin is removed by rubbing it lightly. This improves blood circulation. Before exfoliating the skin, wash the face thoroughly with the help of mild soap. After that do the scrubbing. Apply it in a clockwise direction by rotating it with light hands.

Don't forget the moisturizer

Use moisturizer after exfoliating the skin. This will keep the skin soft. Moisturizer restores the lost moisture of the skin. At the same time, retains the moisture of the makeup while protecting it from the sun, dust, and harsh weather. It is effective for both dry and oily skin. Apply moisturizer while massaging for about two minutes.