Winter Lip Care Tips: If your lips are chapping in winter then try these home remedies, you will get the benefit!


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Lip care is also important during the winter season as they can get cracked easily during this time. Sometimes the condition of this rupture becomes so bad that blood also starts coming out. If you take care of your lips even before the onset of winter, it is sure that your lips will look very beautiful in this season. These home remedies will not only keep your lips soft, but will also give them a very attractive shine, lips will look very beautiful even without any lipstick. The real beauty of the face comes from the lips, so it is important to keep them moist and beautiful.

Hot Oil Massage: For freshness and warmth, massaging with hot oils in winter will soothe cracked lips and keep them soft, preventing them from becoming dry.

Coconut Oil and Honey Mask: Make a mixture of coconut oil and honey and apply it on cracked pimples, then wash off after 15-20 minutes. This home remedy is very effective and applying it will bring tremendous shine to your lips.


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Drinking hot water daily: Drinking hot water daily is beneficial for the health of chapped lips, because it keeps your body temperature normal and lips do not crack.

Rose water and ice: Mix rose water with ice and then place it on the cracked lips, which will cool them down and if there is a problem of bleeding, it will stop and start healing.

Juice of mint leaves: Extract the juice of mint leaves and apply it on cracked lips, it can help in providing coolness.