Winter foot careTips:-Do not do this mistake while taking care of feet in winter


As the cold weather sets in, we tend to wrap and care for ourselves more. In this season we wear scarves to gloves, but feet are often neglected. Due to this, there is a lot of damage to the feet. Many times it also happens that in this season women wear shoes and socks, due to which their feet are completely covered and hence they feel that there is no need of extra care for the feet.

However, when the feet are not taken care of properly in winters, then many other problems start from cracked heels. Maybe you make some mistakes while taking care of your feet in winter. So today in this article, we are telling you about some such mistakes, which you should avoid-

Wear thick socks

When the winter season comes, we tend to wear thicker clothes, even when it comes to socks. We all have a pair of fluffy socks in our wardrobes, which we wear in winters. You might also think that thick socks will protect your feet from the cold. However, this is not completely true. It's best to choose socks with a natural fiber, such as wool, instead of thick socks, as they provide more warmth and make your feet feel more comfortable.

Wearing wet shoes


Shoes do not dry quickly in cold weather and many times it happens that when you have to go to the office early, in such a situation, you wear only lightly wet shoes and think that they will dry soon. But you shouldn't make this mistake. Wearing wet shoes, especially in very cold weather, can lead to a condition called trench foot which can not only make you feel uncomfortable but can also lead to infection. Not only becomes this, due to trench foot, the skin on your feet wrinkled, as happens after a long shower.

Skipping moisturizer 


Most of us make this mistake in winter. Since in winter, our feet are mostly covered in socks and shoes. Therefore, we skip the moisturizer. Even if you are not wearing sandals this season, it does not mean that you do not take proper care of your feet. Try applying moisturizer to your feet before wearing socks. It prevents dryness of your skin and removes the problem of cracked heels.

Wearing poorly fitting shoes


There are many types of boots in this season; it looks very stunning to see. But you should take care that it is of the right fitting. However, most women avoid comfort in the pursuit of fashion. This is a season when you should wear completely comfortable footwear. Keep in mind that it's cold outside and if your footwear isn't right, it will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but it can lead to everything from blisters to infections caused by those boots.

Image Credit- Freepik