Windows 11 Tips: Do this to increase storage in Windows 11..


Some useless files often get collected during work on a PC or computer. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to delete the file from the recycle bin manually. In Windows 11, the recycle bin automatically deletes all the files. Due to this, the important storage of the system increases a little.


How to start this feature in Windows 11, know the complete process ahead. Go to the settings of Windows 11 and press the Windows Plus I keyboard. Go to the system and click on the option of storage on the left side. Come down from the temporary file given on the screen and go to Configure Storage. After this, turn on the toggle of Under Storage Sense, after doing this this feature will start its work.


Go to Configure Recycle Bin and click on the option of Free Up Space Automatically. After this, the frequency of cleaning the space will have to be selected. In this, you will get the option of daily, weekly, and month. Select any one option and tap on the process of cleaning. This feature of Windows 11 will delete all the unwanted files in the recycle bin at the scheduled time. After this, the system storage will increase.

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