Will coronavirus become a threat again in winter? Know what experts say!


Cases are increasing.

Active cases of Covid in India have increased to more than 150. Cases have increased in the last few days.  

Danger in winter:

Many types of viruses become active during the winter season. Due to this, diseases spread rapidly. In such a situation, there is also a risk of Covid. Doctors say that respiratory diseases increase in the changing weather. People suffer from cough, cold and difficulty in breathing. 

Epidemiologist Dr Jugal Kishore says that people need to be careful in winter. Although Covid is no longer as dangerous as before, experts say is that Dr Kishore says that at this time people are suffering from respiratory diseases. These patients are being tested for Covid in hospitals. Some people are finding positive in this. Dr Kishore says that now there is no danger in India like before Covid. In such a situation, there is no need to panic. People just have to protect themselves, there is no need to panic, the doctor says that in this season people should wear masks while going out. This will protect you from both respiratory diseases and pollution.