WiFi Radiation: Radiation emanating from home WiFi can be a big danger for you, keep yourself safe like this!


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You must have often read and heard that radiation is harmful to your body. If we are exposed to high levels of radiation, many serious diseases can occur. Naturally, our body tolerates some radiation. These days our exposure to radiation has increased a lot. Every member of the house has a mobile phone. Plus, most homes are now equipped with WiFi. There are many other electronic items that emit some amount of radiation. This technology is not very old, so its side effects will also be known after a long time. That's why it is necessary to be alert in advance to keep yourself safe.

Keep the phone away from children

Nowadays Wi-Fi routers are found in every house. Scientists have different opinions about how much their radiation is harming us. While installing WiFi at home, some basic things should be kept in mind, such as its signal strength should not be too high. It should be at least 10 to 40 feet away from the dead bodies of the family members. Scientists believe that the further away we are from the devices that emit radiation, the less harm will be. For example, keeping the phone nearby while sleeping can also cause harm. In the room where there are children and you have to keep the phone, keep it on airplane mode.

However, many scientists believe that WiFi signals installed in the house do not cause much harm. Some people say that being in contact with them for 24 hours can be harmful to your health. Today it is not possible to completely remove these devices. Some measures can be taken for this like planting indoor plants.


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Air pollution will also reduce.

Indoor plants are believed to absorb radiation and reduce its ill effects. It should also be noted here that any plant can absorb only a partial part of the radiation, not the whole. Along with this, these plants also reduce air pollution. So there is no harm in applying it.

Plant these plants

It is believed that the cactus can absorb many types of radiation. Especially those coming from the computer. Aloe vera also reduces the effects of radiation. Apart from this, plants like snake plants, asparagus fern, and stone lotus flowers should be planted around.


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Remember these things,

if you plant this tree, then also take care of cleanliness. Minimize the use of mobile, laptops, microwaves, etc. to avoid radiation. If you want to talk on the mobile phone, keep it away from your body. Speak on headphones or a speaker. Spend some time with the trees and sunshine without your phone.