Why Women Denying Marriage,know these 5 reasons!


Why Women Denying Marriage: Life changes completely after marriage. No one can understand this better than a girl. Marriage brings many responsibilities and sacrifices for girls. Against which awareness and protest are now being seen among girls.


There was a time when a girl grew up dreaming of marriage. Throughout her life, she was trained to go to her in-laws' house and become someone's wife and daughter-in-law. But now times have changed. While for many girls, marriage is no longer included in the to-do list, for many girls, marriage is at the last place in the priority list.  

But the question is, what has changed over time that has changed the thinking of girls about marriage to such an extent? If you do not have an answer to this, then let us tell you 5 reasons due to which girls have started running away from marriage-

1. Today's women are more educated and financially independent than ever before. They are succeeding in their careers and are bearing their own expenses. Due to which they have realized that they do not need a man for a life. They can live their life on their own terms without any restrictions.

2. Traditionally, after marriage, a woman's identity is linked to her husband and children. But now women want to create their own identity and fulfill their dreams. There is a fear about marriage that their personal development may stop or their identity in society may be limited to just a wife or mother.

3. Earlier, being a single woman or getting married late was considered a social evil, but now the views of the society are changing. Now people are realizing that marriage is not the goal of one's life, but there can be many ways to live a happy life. 

4. Many women worry that after marriage, they may have to sacrifice their career or hobbies due to the increased burden of household chores. Also, social evils like domestic violence and dowry system also create a feeling of insecurity in their minds about marriage.

5. Now it is believed that there is no compulsion of marriage for love and commitment to live together for life. Many couples are living a happy life in live-in relationships. In such relationships, they have freedom as well as a sense of responsibility.