Why should milk be boiled before entering a new house? Know the importance!



Moving into a new home is a special occasion for many people as it symbolizes a new beginning in life. When it comes to buying a new house or moving into a new house, homeowners often pay special attention to auspicious days and conduct Griha Pravesh ceremonies before entering the house. The housewarming ceremony, also known as "griha pravesh", is a Hindu ritual performed when a person enters a new home for the first time. It involves conducting puja during an auspicious moment to purify the environment and remove negative energies.

Significance of Griha Pravesh Puja:

Griha Pravesh Puja, also known as Griha Pravesh or Griha Pravesh ceremony, is a Hindu ritual performed when a person enters a new home to cleanse the environment and protect it from negative energies. Is. According to religious beliefs, entering a new house at an auspicious time brings ease in a person's life and the challenges faced by family members after entering the house become more manageable.


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Importance of boiling milk on the day of housewarming: 

It is considered a tradition for women to boil milk in the new kitchen during housewarming. The milk is then boiled and mixed with rice to make sweet kheer, which is offered during the puja and distributed among all those present. The importance of boiling milk is emphasized during Griha Pravesh, which is a symbol of prosperity and happiness in the home.

Why boil milk on the day of the housewarming?

There is a religious belief that at the time of housewarming, women should boil milk in a new vessel in the kitchen of the new house. Sweet rice prasad is then made by adding rice to this boiling milk, which is offered during the puja rituals and then given to everyone. Boiling milk is said to be of great importance for the traditional Indian housewarming ceremony. , Let us know the belief and importance behind it.