Why is the spine getting weak in youth? Doctor told the 3 biggest reasons


Nowadays, the problem of weakening of the spine has become common even among the youth. Earlier this problem was seen only in the elderly, but now the youth are also falling prey to it.


Nowadays, the problem of spinal cord weakness has become common even among the youth. Earlier this problem was seen only in the elderly, but now the youth is also falling prey to it. This is a matter of concern because the spinal cord is an important part of our body that supports the entire body and sends messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

A weak spine can cause pain, fatigue, and even disability. Dr. Manish Singh, Head of the Neuro Department at GSVM Medical College, said that the spine is getting weak and the muscles are losing strength at a young age. He told three main reasons for this, due to which the muscles along with the spine are getting strained. Let us know these reasons in detail.

1. Wrong sitting habits -

Sitting in one place for a long time, sitting in a bad posture, and spending too much time on a laptop or mobile phone is harmful to the spine. This weakens the bones of the spine and causes strain on the muscles.

2. Wrong way of getting up and down:

Bending down while lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs incorrectly, and jumping from high places can also put pressure on the spine.

3. Sleeping in the wrong position

Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard, sleeping on the stomach, and using the wrong pillow can put the spine in the wrong position, leading to pain and weakness.

Tips to strengthen spine and muscles

* Exercise regularly. Exercises like yoga, swimming, and physiotherapy help strengthen the spine and muscles.

* Maintain correct posture. Keep a straight back and relaxed shoulders while sitting or standing.

* Use your knees while lifting heavy objects. Lift heavy objects using the muscles of your legs instead of the back.

* Use the right mattress and pillow. Use a comfortable mattress and pillow for your spine.

* Get your spine checked regularly. If you feel pain or weakness in your spine, consult a doctor.

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