Why is the onion called Krishnaval after all?


Onion is a vegetable eaten all over the country, onion is also called Kanda in most areas but it is called Krishnaval in Sanskrit but do you know why onion is called Krishnaval.

Krishnaval is the name of Lord Shri Krishna. In South India, especially in rural areas of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, onion is still known as Krishnaval.

The meaning of saying this Krishnaval is that when the onion is cut vertically, it is cut in the shape of a conch, whereas if it is cut crosswise, then it is cut in a circle.

And everyone knows that both the 8 incarnations of Lord Vishnu are related to the weapons of Shri Krishna.

Onion is called Krishnaval because of conch and chakra, the word Krishnaval is formed by combining the words Krishna and ring.