Why is it necessary to make a Birth Certificate, this is the easy way!


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Along with the birth of a child, there are also some legal documents that need to be obtained. One of these is the birth certificate of the child. This document is quite essential and is used as proof of your date of birth throughout your life, not only for government purposes but also for admission to schools, and colleges and for various private matters. Let us learn how to get a birth certificate and why it is necessary.

Birth certificate has to be obtained within 21 days of birth

The first document of any child is his birth certificate. Later, other documents are prepared on the basis of this certificate. If the child wants to avail the benefit of any scheme after birth, then the benefit is given on the basis of birth certificate only. The birth certificate must be obtained within 21 days of birth. For this, you can either go to your nearest Municipal Corporation office. There you have to provide the necessary information and documents and within a few days, you get the birth certificate of the child.

You can also apply online

Application for birth certificate can be submitted in government offices or online. For this, you have to go to the official website of the civil services of your state. For the birth certificate, documents of the child's parents are required, which include the birth certificate provided by the hospital, the Aadhar card of the parents and if available, a copy of the marriage certificate will also have to be submitted.