Why does Nandi face Shivalinga? Know its importance and mythology!



In Shiva temples, it is common to see that the sacred bull Nandi faces the Shiva Linga, and devotees perform rituals and prayers following religious traditions. Later, many people express their heart's desires by whispering in Nandi's ears, believing that Nandi conveys their wishes to Lord Shiva. Shiva temples also have idols of the entire Shiva family and their divine vehicle.

But have you ever thought about the messages conveyed by these idols in Shiva temples and the symbolism behind them?

The position of Nandi holds special importance in Shiva temples, whose face is towards Shiva Linga. The symbolism lies in how Nandi serves as the vehicle of Lord Shiva. Similarly, our body acts as a vehicle for the soul. Just as Nandi's eyes are fixed on Shiva, similarly our attention should be towards the soul.


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A legend:

According to mythology, pleased with the penance of Rishi Shilad, Lord Shiva blessed him with a son like a gem. This son, known as Nandi, became Shiva's greatest devotee, chief among the ganas and the divine vehicle of Mahadev. Lord Shiva was pleased with Nandi's devotion and gave a boon that Nandi's presence and worship would be necessary in every Shiva temple. Therefore, no worship of Shiva is considered complete without accepting and worshipping Nandi.

The presence of Nandi in front of the Shiva Linga shows that just as Nandi is inseparable from Shiva, our focus on the soul should be an integral part of our existence. The narrative reveals that when Nandi was granted the boon of always being present before the Shiva Linga, he immediately took his place, highlighting the importance of aligning the body, character, conduct and behaviour with the soul.