Why do people sit on the stairs after visiting the temple? Click to know the reason!


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The temple is considered the most sacred place of worship in Hinduism. Many of us regularly go to the temple for positivity. You must have seen that people often sit on the stairs after visiting the temple. Very few people know that there is a special reason behind this. You must have done this many times without thinking. But you might not know the exact reason behind it. One way is to sit on the steps of the temple. There are both religious and classical reasons behind this. In Sanatan Dharma, the temple is considered to be the abode of the deities. It also represents the nature of the gods. According to religious belief, the spire of the temple is considered to be the face of the deity and its steps are considered to be his feet. That's why there is a religious feeling behind it that while going to the summit one should meditate on the deity with open eyes and the devotees should sit on the steps of the temple and remember the deities with closed eyes.


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Wishes are fulfilled

The steps of the temple are like the steps of this deity. That's why one who sits there with closed eyes prays to God with a sincere heart. His wish is soon fulfilled. Not only this, but by doing this, the sufferings of human life go away. Along with this, peace and peace of mind also bring wealth, happiness, and prosperity. By praying at this time, one gets rid of the sins committed unknowingly in life. So whenever devotees sit on the steps of the temple after visiting the temple, they should sincerely pray to God for all these things. It is also a religious belief that seeing the pinnacle of the temple gives the same result as seeing God. That's why the darshan of the peak in the temple should be done by bowing the head.


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There is a lot of positive energy in the scientific reason temple. That energy is transmitted from the core of the temple to the stairs. Sitting for some time in the temple or on the steps of the temple gives us positive energy. We can feel it in our thoughts. This helps in breaking the chain of negative thoughts. Apart from this, the confusion of thoughts is less, and positive thinking gives a way out of problems.