Why do dogs bark outside the house in the middle of the night? Click here to know


Sometimes dogs keep barking outside the house at night. Sometimes these strange and scary sounds also come out. Hearing these voices people get panic. But do you know why dogs cry at night by making such a scary sound?


There are many stories about dogs crying at night. Many stories are so scary that people will be scared to hear them. There are also many beliefs that a dog crying outside the house is a bad omen.


Recognition is quite intimidating

According to the elders, the crying of a dog during the night indicates the death of someone in the house. It is obvious that one would be scared to hear such a thing. At the same time, many people also believe that dogs cry even when they have a soul. Astrology says that the soul which a common man cannot see with his own eyes, dogs see him. That's why they cry.

Dogs don't cry

On the other hand, science says that dogs do not cry, but they howl. Science says that dogs actually make such a sound at night and send a message to their other companions away from the road or area. This is their way of communicating. Apart from this, dogs also cry in pain. Even if they have any physical problems, the dogs howl.