White Hair Treatment: These seeds will make white hair black from the root, hair mask will work like Natural Hair Dye


Due to the changing lifestyle and food habits, people's bodies start seeing changes soon and white hair is considered to be the most common problem in these changes. In today's time, the hair of people of 20-25 years has also started turning white. In such a situation, people have been adopting various home remedies to blacken white hair. There is also a home remedy for blackening white hair which is considered the most effective. This recipe is related to onion seeds i.e. kalonji, people can use it to treat white hair, which is also effective to a great extent.


According to information, antioxidants are present in fennel seeds which can protect hair from any kind of damage. The special thing is that these seeds do not allow premature greying of hair. The use of fennel also increases the growth of your hair and the anti-inflammatory properties present in it also make the scalp healthy due to this the problem of hair loss can end.

Prepare Kalonji oil
If you want to use kalonji for white hair, then the most effective way would be to make its oil. To make it, mix kalonji in coconut oil and heat it for 5 to ten minutes and then after mixing, let it cool normally.

How to use in hair
When the mixed oil of coconut and kalonji cools down, filter it and then massage the hair and scalp. According to the suggestions, leave the oil on the hair for at least an hour or overnight and then wash it with a mild shampoo. You will soon start seeing its effect on white hair.

Can be used like Natural Hair Dye

Please tell us that for the treatment of white hair, fennel can also be used with henna, which can also act as a natural hair dye. For this, grind kalonji like powder and then apply it well in place of white hair. Leave it on the hair for a few hours and then wash the hair with shampoo, it can prove to be an important remedy for darkening your hair.