White Hair Remedy: White hair will be naturally black in 45 minutes, make herbal hair color dye at home like this


Whenever you apply Henna i.e. Henna on white hair, its colour will come only orange (Mehndi Gives Orange Color In Hair). Whether you add coffee to it or soak them in Amla or an iron pan, henna will give the orange color to white hair, but here you will be told about 3 such things along with henna which Will give a naturally black color to your hair. This color will be permanent as well as natural and will not use any PPP or Ammonia Free in it.


You can easily make Natural Black Hair Dye at Home at your home and the special thing is that you can apply this natural herbal dye on eyebrows, moustache and beard as well. It will not have any side effects because you will be able to make it yourself at home in a natural way, let's know-how.

Make permanent natural black hair colour in this way
1- Take henna according to the length of your hair and mix it in tea and coffee water and soak it overnight.

2- The next day in the morning, heat an iron pan and fry five to six cloves and turmeric in it till it turns black. When it cools down, make a powder of cloves and mix it with turmeric in henna.

3- After this, take half of the indigo powder of henna in lukewarm water and make a paste by adding a pinch of salt to it.

4- Now this paste can be applied to the hair in two ways. In the first method, you apply henna only on white hair and let it turn dark red. Wash hair after keeping henna for about 45 minutes and apply the indigo paste on hair the next day or the next time, this is a two-way color method. Even if it takes a little long process, it gives better color to the hair.


5- In another way, mix henna, turmeric and indigo and apply a pinch of salt on the hair immediately. This is the way to car the hair easily.

6- Keep in mind that to avoid the dryness of henna and indigo, you can also mix coconut oil in it.

Just apply this paste to the hair for 45 minutes and after washing your white hair will turn black.