White Hair Remedy: This black coffee will make white hair black, forget the use of dye and color


(White Hair Black Tea and Coffee Remedy) Having white hair at a young age has become a big problem. There are many reasons behind this, from poor lifestyle, and food to others. To hide the white hair, youth use hair colour and dye, but their side effects (Hair Color Side Effects) are giving many diseases along with darkening the hair for some time. You are also troubled by these side effects. Leaving all these hassles, take out tea and coffee from your kitchen. With this home remedy, your hair will not only become black but shiny. With this recipe, your hair will remain black till the roots forever. Let's know this remedy and the method of applying it...


Black tea
Black tea is loaded with tannic acid which can darken your hair over time. To use it, boil two cups of water. Put six spoons or tea bags in it. Now keep the water cool down. After some time wash the hair with this water. Leave it on the hair for half an hour. After this, clean the hair with clean water. By doing this your hair will become black and shiny.


Make a hair mask by mixing coffee and tea leaves
Ground coffee beans or instant coffee granules will permanently darken your hair. For this, you can make a hair mask of coffee and tea. To prepare the mask, add three teaspoons of tea leaves to three cups of water and boil it well. Now add three tablespoons of instant coffee to this mixture. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes. The hair mask is ready. After it cools down, take a brush or hair colour applicator and apply this mixture to your hair. Now wash it after an hour. This will make the hair black and shiny.