While choosing a lehenga, a plus-size bride should keep these four things in mind, the wedding dress should be


Everyone has their own dreams regarding marriage. From the parents to the bride and groom, they have already thought about the marriage, how their marriage will be. Apart from this, people already think a lot about their dress. Especially girls. She wants that she should carry such a bridal lehenga at her wedding, which will add to her beauty. For this, people go to a good place and choose lehenga, and even many girls wear designer lehenga in their wedding. But it is usually seen that those who are plus-size brides have to face many problems regarding the lehenga in their marriage. In such a situation, there are some things, if taken care of, then even plus-size brides can choose a stylish and fitting lehenga. So let's know-how...


Don't choose round and ruffled lehenga
When the bride chooses a lehenga for herself, it is seen that she takes a cloaked and circled lehenga for herself. Whereas such lehengas create volume and that is why more fat is visible. Therefore, those with plus size should avoid taking such lehengas.


best a line lehenga
If you are plus size, then you should go for an A-line lehenga for your wedding. You can choose a dark or light-colored lehenga. At the same time, you should get heavy embroidery done on the lehenga. At the same time, instead of a lehenga with a big patch, choose a lehenga with small booty work.


be like this scarf
Dupatta is the life of the lehenga, so it should be carried well. Plus-size people can pin it neatly instead of leaving it open. By doing this your look will be complete and very beautiful.

How's the blouse?
Plus-size people should not carry a closed neck or low deep blouse. In its place, you can carry deep neck blouses or full and structured blouses. This will give you a lovely look.