When you start having such problems in your feet, do not ignore them


High Cholesterol Signs: When the amount of cholesterol increases more than necessary, then there are many such signs in the body that are very important to recognize, otherwise it can prove dangerous for health. 


High Cholesterol Symptoms in Legs: We usually detect high cholesterol by increasing weight and belly fat, but it can also be detected in many other ways. This is a type of fat in whose formation the liver plays an important role. Bad cholesterol formed in the body causes problems like diabetes and heart attack. You will be surprised to know that symptoms of high cholesterol can also be seen in the legs, so some signs should not be ignored at all. 

How do symptoms of high cholesterol appear in the legs?

1. Feet getting cold

It is common for feet to become cold in winter, but if this happens even during extreme heat, then understand that something is seriously wrong. This can be a sign of high cholesterol in the body. In such conditions, a checkup should be done immediately.

2. Change in color of the skin of the feet

Due to high cholesterol, the blood supply to the feet is also affected, the effect of which can be seen on the feet. Due to lack of blood, the color of the skin and nails of the feet starts changing because there is a hindrance in the supply of oxygen and nutrients reaching through the blood.

3. Leg cramps

Many people have cramps in their legs while sleeping at night, which is a common sign of high cholesterol. This means that the nerves of the lower part of your body are getting damaged. Apart from the feet, cramps also occur in the index finger, heel, or toes, which also affects our sleep.

4. Pain in the legs

When high cholesterol causes a blockage in the blood supply to the legs and oxygen is not able to reach there properly, then severe pain can occur. The legs start feeling heavy and tired. In such a condition, even normal walking is not easy.