WhatsApp: No matter how long the contact list is on WhatsApp, checking status will now be a matter of seconds...


If you use the popular chatting app WhatsApp then this new update can be useful for you. While using WhatsApp, you must often check the status of the contact.

Has it ever happened to you when in a long contact list you got a mix of all the new and previously seen statuses? If yes then be happy, now no matter how long the list of contacts is, viewing the status is going to be easier than before.


A change will be seen regarding WhatsApp Status
Actually, the latest report has come out from Wabetainfo, a website that keeps an eye on every update of WhatsApp.

According to this report, users will see a new change on the Update tab on WhatsApp. Users will now see contact statuses in different categories. The company is bringing a filter status update feature for its users.
WhatsApp status will be visible in four categories

According to this report of Wabetainfo, the status of the contact will now be visible to the WhatsApp user in four categories: All, Recent, Viewed, and Muted.

     WhatsApp users can check all the statuses in All categories. If the user does not want to do this, then he can choose another category at his convenience.

     In the Recent category, the user will see those statuses which have been updated some time ago. All new statuses can be checked with this category.

     With the Viewed category, a WhatsApp user can check the statuses that he has already viewed.

     With the muted category, WhatsApp users can check the statuses that have been muted.


Which users can use the feature?
Currently, only Android beta users can use the filter status update feature on WhatsApp. For this feature, the user will have to install version of the app from Google Play Store. Other users of WhatsApp are expected to get this feature in the coming days.