WhatsApp Video Call Scam: If you want to stay safe from scams then keep these things in mind, otherwise you may have to repent...


WhatsApp brings many special features for its customers, which along with messaging, you the facility to make text messages, voice calls, and video calls to your friends. With its help, your life becomes easier.


However, like any online platform, it is also vulnerable to scams and cyber crimes. Recently many scams have come to light regarding WhatsApp video calling. Where scammers threaten to release your sensitive information received during video calls and ask for money. Here we are telling you some such measures, with the help of which you can easily avoid these dangers. Let us know about them.

Avoid picking up unknown calls.
Always keep in mind that you will have to think at least twice before picking up any unknown call. Often people get a video call from an unknown or suspicious contact on WhatsApp, so be careful. Avoid picking up such calls.

Do not share personal information
Do not share your personal or sensitive information with anyone during a call or video call. Especially if a stranger or unknown person is asking for such information from you.

Check Caller Identity
Before joining a video call, verify the identity of the caller by asking him or her through an app like True Caller. We are saying this because scammers can give you false identities to win your trust so that you trust them.

Avoid giving permission
Often scammers ask you to access something during a video call. In such a situation, if you get a demand for any permission during a video call, then refuse it without thinking. If you give permission then your personal data may be exposed to them.


Report suspicious call
If you have encountered any calls or messages that appear to be scammers or may be suspicious, report these calls immediately. With this, you can save yourself as well as others.

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