WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp has completely changed, it has become like iPhone...


If you use WhatsApp on an Android phone then this new update is for you only. Now running WhatsApp on Android phones has become like iPhone. Yes, even before Holi, a big change has been made by the company for WhatsApp users.


Now the look of WhatsApp has changed

A new change has come from WhatsApp regarding the user interface in Android devices. Now when you open WhatsApp, you will see options in the bottom bar like iPhone.

Android phone users might be seeing a new bottom bar on WhatsApp on their phones. Four new options will appear in the bottom bar.

Chats, Updates, Communities, and Calls options will be visible in this bottom bar. It is known that earlier, users using WhatsApp on Android phones used to see all these options in the top bar.
Testing was going on for a long time

Actually, there were already reports of such changes being brought on WhatsApp for Android users.

There were already reports that WhatsApp is working on a design for Android users similar to that of iPhone users. After being in the developing stage for a long time, this new change has been introduced for the stable version.

The app changes as soon as you open WhatsApp


Most of the users have suddenly found this new change regarding WhatsApp in their phones. There was no need to update WhatsApp for this new change.

However, if you are also using WhatsApp on an Android phone, but are not able to see any change in the design, then it is advisable to update the app.

You can search WhatsApp on the Google Play Store and click on update.

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