WhatsApp Update: This special feature will no longer work on WhatsApp, users may face problems..

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WhatsApp has millions of users in India as well as around the world, for whose security and privacy the company is constantly striving. Continuing this trend, the company is introducing new privacy features. Under this new feature, the company is working on the facility to block screenshots of profile photos.

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WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp has introduced the ability to block screenshots of profile photos for Android beta testers. To use this feature, users need to install updated version

Information found in the report
     When someone takes or attempts to take a screenshot of your profile photo, users now get a notification blocking the action, the report said.

     This change works to increase privacy protection, due to which the profile picture cannot be shared without your permission.

     With this new change, by allowing users to block screenshots of their profile photos, WhatsApp gives users more control over their privacy.

New helpline started
     Recently a dedicated fact-check helpline was launched on Meta WhatsApp. The initiative aims to address the issue of deepfakes, which mislead the public on essential matters.


     Scheduled to launch in March 2024, the helpline will give access to verified and trustworthy information aimed at countering the effects of misleading content.

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