WhatsApp Update: This special feature may soon be available on WhatsApp, users may be happy to know..

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WhatsApp has a very large user base available. Updates keep coming from time to time in this app which comes under Meta. Meanwhile, a new feature is going to be available on the social media platform WhatsApp. Actually, in the coming time, the option to share WhatsApp status updates on Instagram will be given.


The special facility will be available on WhatsApp

It is being said in many media reports that Meta is working on this feature. According to the company that monitors WhatsApp updates, Meta is preparing a feature to share WhatsApp status updates outside the platform i.e. on Instagram Stories to improve media sharing.

This feature is still in progress

According to reports, the company is preparing to directly link WhatsApp status updates to Instagram. A sharing feature will be integrated for this. After the introduction of this feature, users will be able to share their status on Instagram without any interruption.

Features of upcoming features

The special thing about this feature will be that users will be able to come out of it at any time. You will also get the option to control with whom you want to share the status on Instagram. The report further states that through this feature, one will get the option to share WhatsApp status in one step. Users will not have to try to share status separately.


WhatsApp banned record accounts

For your information, let us tell you that in February this year, WhatsApp banned more than 7.6 million accounts. According to the company, all these accounts were accused of violating IT Rules 2021. Also, they were using the platform inappropriately. This is the first time that so many accounts have been banned by WhatsApp in India.

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