WhatsApp Tips: Now chats and audio on WhatsApp will be transcribed, and the process of chat transfer will be easy with a QR code..


WhatsApp: WhatsApp is working on many new features these days. These include two features, which are being discussed a lot. Their names are WhatsApp voice notes and chat history backup. Let's know how they work.


WhatsApp voice notes are an easy and quick way that many people choose when they do not have time or want to write long texts. This feature of WhatsApp allows people to share their thoughts and ideas in an easy audio format. Well, soon the popular messaging app owned by Meta will come up with a new Transcribe feature, which will give the option to convert these voice notes into text.

How will this feature work
The new feature will help people translate WhatsApp audio notes into Hindi and other languages. With the new feature, users will be able to read these voice notes on the messaging application. The new Transcribe option is a useful way to get word-to-word text notes for audio chats. This feature will be very useful for those who do not want to write long conversations on the messaging app and want to spend time typing for a long time. The company can bring this new feature for audio notes to the users in future updates.

Status of WhatsApp's new transcribing feature
The company is currently testing a new transcribing feature for voice transcripts on Android version beta. This feature will allow WhatsApp users to select from languages ​​like English, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. WhatsApp plans to add more languages ​​to this feature in the future. As soon as users select a language, a package will be installed to start the transcription process. For example, if a user sends a WhatsApp voice note giving directions to a specific location, this new feature will describe the entire audio in detail. Along with this, it will also translate it into many other languages, which can be selected from the transcript language option, which will be available to users in future updates.

Why is this transcribing feature being given
The most important thing about this new transcribing feature is that WhatsApp will download a package to ensure that the transcription of voice notes taking place on the device is not shared or processed on other servers. The company is committed to securing all chats, voice notes, and transcriptions with end-to-end encryption.

A new feature for chat history
WhatsApp is preparing to introduce several new updates aimed at enhancing the user experience, including a feature that makes it easier to transfer chat history between devices via QR code.

According to WABetaInfo, this innovative chat transfer capability is part of the latest beta version,, and promises to make it much easier to move chat data from one device to another, bypassing the need for Google Drive.


How will this new feature for chat history work
When a user upgrades to a new phone, WhatsApp will give a QR code on the old device, which will contain all the chat history and data. By scanning this QR code from the new device, users can easily start the chat transfer process. This development resolves a frequent inconvenience for Android users, who previously had to rely on Google Drive for backing up and restoring chats during a device switch.

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