WhatsApp Tips: It is very easy to lock WhatsApp for security, know the process here...


WhatsApp is being used by every second person today. WhatsApp is a personal app.

There are many such details of the user on this app which if leaked can create a big problem for the user. In such a situation, the security of this account becomes even more important.


You can lock WhatsApp
Do you know that WhatsApp can be locked? The setting to lock WhatsApp is available in the app itself.

Once you lock the app, no one other than you can easily open this app. To open the app, you will need to verify the biometrics details.

How to lock WhatsApp
First of all, WhatsApp has to be opened.

Now you have to come to the menu from the top right corner.

Now you have to tap on Settings.

Now you have to tap on Privacy.

Now scroll down and come to the App Lock option.

Now on the next page, this toggle has to be turned on.

Now you have to confirm the biometric, you can use your finger or thumb.

As soon as you do this, the toggle will turn on.

Now you have to check the auto-lock setting.


For auto lock, you have to select either Immediately, After 1 Minute, or After 30 Minutes.

Apart from this, if you don't want the content to be shown in the notification, turn off the toggle of Show Content In Notification.

When the app lock is activated, your WhatsApp will be secured. To turn on WhatsApp, you will have to share biometric details. This means that no other user will be able to open your WhatsApp in your absence even if they want to.

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