WhatsApp Tips: Now you will not have to worry about image quality on WhatsApp, an amazing feature will be available soon..


Meta-owned platform WhatsApp is working on a new feature for users. The feature is reportedly being tested at the moment.

With this feature, users will get the facility to share photos and videos in HD quality without any settings. The messaging app is reportedly testing an HD-quality default setting.


Will be able to send images and videos in HD without setting
Instead of sharing high-resolution images and videos, there will be no need to enable any setting. Rather, this work will be done just by sending. Before sending a photo or video, users will not need to check whether the image they are sending is in HD quality or not because the image will be sent in HD quality by default.

When will the feature be available?
Not much information has been given about this feature. But, many beta users have started getting this feature. This feature has been seen in the new default setting in the beta version WhatsApp app on Android.

Indicates that the feature is currently being tested in the final stage. After final testing, it can be introduced for stable users.


For which users it is harmful
This setting can also disappoint WhatsApp users. Because sharing media in HD resolution keeps the quality of photos and videos secure. But, after getting the feature, if the image is sent directly, then WhatsApp's storage will be occupied more. Therefore, there can be a problem regarding storage.

The maximum file size for videos on the platform is 64MB, which can be a hindrance if you are trying to send long clips.

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