WhatsApp Tips: How to recover deleted chats of WhatsApp, know the process here...


WhatsApp chats sometimes become very important, if they ever get deleted then it becomes a problem. Learn further how to recover chats. Before recovering WhatsApp chats, keep in mind that chat backup has been turned on in the device, and all the chats are being saved daily on an Apple or Google cloud account, if the backup of WhatsApp chats is not on then recovering the chats is a difficult task. Is.


  After deleting a message on WhatsApp, do not immediately go for a backup, this may delete all the data. First, uninstall WhatsApp then reinstall it from Apple or Google Play Store. After WhatsApp is installed, enter the mobile number, OTP, and PIN if two-factor verification is on.


   After this, when the prompt to restore the backup comes, select the backup account. After this, permit all the chats to be recovered. If you do not find the option to recover chats, then log in once again and follow the same process. After completion of login, all the chats till the last backup will be available.

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