WhatsApp Tips: The tension of storage will end with the new feature of WhatsApp...


WhatsApp, which comes under Meta, keeps bringing new features for its users. In such a situation, the new feature of the company is quite good. Through the new feature of WhatsApp, users' worries about running out of storage in their phones will go away.


Through the new feature, users will be able to manage the phone storage filled with WhatsApp chats. According to the company that keeps an eye on WhatsApp, through the new feature, users will be able to manage the storage filled in the device due to a particular person.


In the new feature, users can reduce the space taken by a particular chat. For this, there will be an option to delete the storage. A new tab will be added for this feature on the platform. WhatsApp has currently released a new feature for Android beta users, so other users will have to wait for a while.

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