WhatsApp Tips: Do not do this work even by mistake, your WhatsApp account will be banned forever...


People all over the world including India use WhatsApp a lot for chatting. Crores of people in the country use WhatsApp. This famous social media platform has introduced new features very rapidly in the last few years. Along with this, WhatsApp has also issued many updates regarding the privacy and security of the users. However, sometimes the WhatsApp account of some users gets closed. The account is banned by the social media company. There can be many reasons behind this, let us know further in this news.


Illegal use of WhatsApp

The first reason why WhatsApp account is banned may be that users use third-party apps. This includes WhatsApp Delta, WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, etc. WhatsApp does not allow communication through all these apps. The reason behind this is the privacy of the users. If you use an illegal WhatsApp app, then in such a situation the account can be banned.

Misuse of account

One reason behind banning WhatsApp accounts can be that if you create a fake account with someone else's information and use it, then the company can ban your account. WhatsApp can ban your account forever in this condition.

Violation of platform rules

If you send a large number of messages to someone whose phone number is not listed, your account may also be banned. According to the terms and conditions of the social media platform, you cannot do this. The company can also take strict steps to stop auto-messages.

Fake and spam messages

If your WhatsApp number has been reported and blocked by many users, then WhatsApp puts your number in its special list. If this happens continuously, the company may consider your account as sending fake and spam messages and ban it forever.


When involved in wrongful activity

If you send illegal messages, obscene content, threatening messages or do any wrongdoing from your WhatsApp account, which is against the company's rules, then your number can be banned.

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