WhatsApp Tips: There are 2 very easy ways to record WhatsApp calls, know here..


WhatsApp has become an important part of our lives. Through the app, one can easily talk to any person sitting thousands of kilometers away. Keeping in view the convenience of the users, the company offers new features every day, due to which chatting is becoming easy and fun. There is no separate charge for calling through WhatsApp. However many people complain about why the company does not provide any such feature in the app so that WhatsApp calls can be recorded.


First of all, it is important for you to know that WhatsApp does not provide any official way to record calls, but if you have an Android phone, then there is a high possibility that your device comes with a voice recording app. These methods can be adapted to record WhatsApp calls.

1-For this, first, start a WhatsApp call. Now go back without disconnecting the call. (If your phone is multitasking and you back off without disconnecting the phone, the call will continue).

2-After backing up, you will have to go to the Voice Recording app.

3-After this, when you go to the Record button, your call will start recording.

Second method:-
How can WhatsApp calls be recorded automatically?
1-For this you will have to go to Google Play Store and type ‘Cube Call App’ or ‘Cube Call Recorder’ here.

2-After this install the app.


3-Now when the Cube ACR app is downloaded, go to WhatsApp.

4-After this, whatever happens on your screen will be recorded. This means that if you receive a WhatsApp call, it will start recording automatically. You will be able to see the recording widget on your screen.

5-When your recording is completed, it will be saved in the internal memory of your device.

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