WhatsApp Helpline: Now deepfakes will be controlled! MCA and Meta are jointly preparing WhatsApp helpline..


To address the growing threat of deepfakes and the challenges of misleading AI-generated content, Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) and Meta have announced the launch of a dedicated fact-checking helpline on WhatsApp. This helpline will be available to the general public for use in March 2024.


MCA is a cross-industry alliance
The MCA is a cross-industry coalition that brings together companies, organizations, institutions, industry associations, and organizations to collectively fight misinformation and its impact. This initiative will allow MCA and its independent fact-checkers and research organizations to identify disseminated misinformation, particularly deepfakes. People will be able to identify deepfakes by sending broadcasted information to WhatsApp chatbots.

How will it work?
WhatsApp's chatbot will support English and three regional languages (Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu). Along with this, MCA will set up a central deepfake analysis unit to manage all the messages received on the WhatsApp helpline. They will work closely with members of fact-checking organizations, as well as industry partners and digital labs, to assess and verify content and respond to messages accordingly, debunking false claims and misinformation.


  Legal responsibility of internet platforms to stop deep fakes
The government on Monday reiterated that it is the legal responsibility of internet media platforms and social media intermediaries in India not to host misinformation and deepfakes on their platforms. Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrashekhar, while giving information about the launch of the WhatsApp helpline by Meta and MCA in an ex-post, said that it is good to use reliable fact-checkers to label the misleading information.

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