WhatsApp Alert: Do not download this version of WhatsApp even by mistake, your bank account may get emptied..


Every time with the new version of WhatsApp, claims of all kinds of features are made but the surprising thing is that no other app is officially released by WhatsApp. Now a new version of WhatsApp is going viral with the claim of many features and the name of this app is GB WhatsApp. With this app, features ranging from withdrawing messages to auto reply are available but is the app safe for you, has it been officially released by WhatsApp itself? Let's know the answers to these questions...


What is the GB WhatsApp app?

First of all, let us tell you that GB WhatsApp has been launched by a third-party company. This app is completely similar to WhatsApp but it has not been officially launched by WhatsApp nor has any information been given about this app. GB WhatsApp is usually available on many websites in the form of an APK file.

Auto Reply
Filter messages
Anti-revoke message
Share live locations
Revoke multiple messages
Send Maximum Pictures: You can send more than 90 pictures at a time
Download Statuses
Amazing Font
Mark the unread messages
Hide your status
The phone also refuses before installing it
You will find it on a third-party website on Google. After downloading it, your phone will refuse to install it for security reasons, if even after that you want to install it, then you will have to change the phone settings. Its registration will also be the same as the original WhatsApp.


APK files are not safe
As far as security is concerned with this app, let us tell you that Google does not consider any APK or third-party app to be safe. In such a situation, GB WhatsApp is also not safe. Many such features are available in this app which are not in the real WhatsApp app.

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