What is Zero Oil Cooking Trend? Can it really reduce body fat?


 Nowadays a new trend is being seen on the reels of Instagram and Facebook. This new trend is cooking without oil. Every other video on social media will be related to this. People are also liking it a lot, especially those who follow dieting. They consider it a healthy way of eating. Most people say that oil or ghee increases fat in the body.

Eating these in excess can lead to increased cholesterol levels or heart-related diseases. Therefore, eat them in limited quantity as much as possible. But people who eat food prepared without oil or ghee are also promoting it loudly. But the question is whether no-oil cooking can really reduce fat. But fat is also important for our body. It is because of this that our body becomes flexible.

Too much oil is dangerous

Dr Sandeep Bhatnagar, Director of Internal Medicine at Paras Health in Udaipur, says that people use oil to enhance the taste of food. Due to excessive use of oil, people have to face problems like cholesterol, cancer, fatty liver, diabetes and heart diseases. Due to this, the body also gets more calories, due to which fat increases.

What is non-oil cooking?

Dr. Sandeep says that if you want to keep the body healthy, then only three spoons i.e. 15 grams of oil should be used throughout the day. Some people these days are using water instead of oil or ghee. This is called non-oil cooking, in which you can cook food and season it with onion or garlic. In this cooking, either oil is not used or very little oil is used.

Does it really reduce fat?

But does eating like this reduce fat? Experts say that it is beneficial from a health point of view. With this, you can control weight. You can prepare any type of dish including soup, porridge, and khichdi with the help of zero oil cooking. For example, 1 gram of oil contains 9 calories and one teaspoon contains about 45 calories. In such a situation, your body weight is maintained with non-cooking oil. Excessive consumption of saturated fat can be harmful to your health and heart.