What happened to the fat old coin of 5 rupees? why closed


Often when you need open money, you remember a coin of 5 rupees but have you ever thought that a coin of 5 rupees was recognized as soon as you took it in your hand, sometimes there used to be a thick coin of 5 rupees in the market, but suddenly the coin stopped. Where has the fat coin of 5 rupees gone, because the reason for this is quite interesting.

Smuggling of 5 rupees thick coin had increased, given which it was banned. Crime used to make and sell goods worth 12 rupees from these five coins. 6 blades were made from one coin and one blade was sold for 2 rupees, which is why it was discontinued from the market.

When the RBI came to know about it this, RBI immediately closed the thick coin of 5 rupees and replaced it with a thin coin in the market. Let me tell you that the blade is made from this metal. And again it was sold in the market for Rs.12.